FALL retreats

H.H. getse rinpoche


 Spring Retreats

Ngondro 2.0 

March 9 – 17

This retreat will emphasize practice, with some teaching and Q and A, 

open to anyone who has attended all Bodhicitta Immersion retreats 

and previous Dudjom Tersar Ngondro teachings.

Bodhicitta Immersion V 

March 23 – 31

Open to anyone who has attended and completed homework for the 

Change of Heart Immersion Retreat and Bodhicitta Immersion Retreats I thru IV


Bodhisattva Peace Training 

April 19 – 21


Change of Heart Immersion 

April 22 – 28

Open to anyone who has attended one or more Bodhisattva Peace Trainings


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